Thursday, August 21, 2014

Press for Providence

Here's a fun local piece on La Gondola in Providence, Rhode Island.
"A touch of Venice in Providence on a gondola"
The author is - - just bit biased towards the servizio in his town, but then who can blame him...La Gondola is terrific.

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LaGondolaProv said...

Ha! For what it is worth, Gondola Greg, there is definitely some poetic license, and a little lost in translation, as there always is with reporters. Admittedly, we threw a LOT of information at him in a short period of time, and overall I think he did a great job. Still, as a former science teacher, accuracy and precision are two of my closest friends, and some of the little things in there that were not QUITE right did make me smile. I am VERY happy he mentioned the Gondola Nationals...any word on your escaping your commitments and getting out here?
Ciao for now,