Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great Get-Together

Tonight a bunch of us gondoliers from Southern California got together,
as we often do, at Sunset Gondola.  This is typically a seasonal thing. 
Sure, non-gondoliers are welcome, but it's mostly folks who wear stripes and row gondolas.  Most of our existence as gondoliers involves passengers who have paid to be served, and as much as we love our jobs - it is nice to spend a little time once in a while with a bunch of other people who do the same job.
Let's face it, nobody understands you, and that weird job you do,
like someone who does that weird job too.

Ladies toasting from the boat.
Tim and his daughter looking on in amusement.
Stefano (who's wife just gave birth) arrives to applause and congratulations.
Everyone who arrived was well-received.
Each time we've gotten together, there's been something different to eat. Tonight we had some of the best food ever for a Sunset get-together.
One of the gondoliers and his dad just returned from a fishing trip in Alaska. Tonight it was fish tacos, with Alaskan salmon, halibut, and other fresh catches. On top of that, Tim had grilled some sausage, made spaghetti,
and served it up with a caesar salad.
Dinner is served...
...and everyone is hungry.
After dinner, everyone continued to enjoy fellowship and music.
As always, stories (and maybe a few exaggerations) were shared.

Tim pocket-dialed Stefano on accident.
This is what Tim looks like right after five gondoliers text him
"POCKET DIAL!!!" all at once.

Half a high-five.

Music and laughter. 

Just the right amount of attitude.
Fresh new gondoliers at the rail.
Everybody looks better in stripes.

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Mitchell_Smith said...

Hi this is Mitchell Smith. I rowed a cruise Wednesday night and you took a few pictures of me. I was womdering if you could email me those pictures?(if this is my third comment on this I apologize. I do not know how to work this)