Thursday, August 28, 2014

Simon Handles the Wind Like a Pro

With the current wind conditions, it's not unusual for a guy to row out of our lagoon in Newport and get blindsided by an unseen force that is determined to drag him, his boat, and his passengers a mile or two down the channel.

This wind does not joke.

Standing on the docks this evening I observed just such an episode as Simon rowed out into the open gale and get dragged downwind.

Ever the professional, Simon kept his cool, and just went with the flow.
He let the boat travel a good 80 yards before even bothering to turn her upwind.

Using just the right strokes, in perfect measure,
Simon worked against the invisible force to turn his gondola clockwise.

An easy "dar-zo",

some "sotto morso",
and he was back up into the morso.

With just the right timing, Simon was up on the poppa deck,

and giving some good solid power strokes.

In no time, the gondolier and his boat were back on course,

and approaching the Newport Blvd. bridge.

The sun sparkled on glittering water, as gondolier and passengers
took in the beauty of the early evening.

Simon handled it all like a pro,
making his boss very proud.

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