Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oxnard - first Point-of-View photos

photos by Mark Schooling

Mark Schooling recently launched a gondola in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California (with a little help from his friends). The next day he did what any of us would have done with a gondola in a new waterway - he took her out for a spin and said "buon giorno" to the locals.

Here are a few few of the very first point-of-view shots.

Red velvet in the sunshine on a shiny black boat proved to be enticing
to folks along the waterfront; Mark managed to arrange his first cruise
(a Valentine's Day booking) by talking to folks on shore.

The "Teresa" at dock, just as she will be seen by passengers arriving for cruises.

Approaching one of the more dramatic bridges, by day...

...and by night.
I've gotta admit it:
I'm living vicariously through these photos,
enjoying the excitement of launching a new servizio.

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