Thursday, January 9, 2014

...Part Photographer

photo by Cassandra Mohr

Some time ago I put up a post titled "A Good Gondolier is..." - part 2 ,
which touched on many of the disciplines needed by a gondolier in this unusual line of work.

One of those skills is photography.
Typically, as a gondolier, you know just about every piece of equipment you'll be working with like the back of your hand. 
The oar, the forcola, the sound system. Heck, even the corkscrew you carry is probably one you've used countless times.

But then one of the passengers hand you something and say:
"Would you take a picture of us?"

That thing they hand you might be a digital pocket camera, a pro-grade DSLR, an old school film camera, or a disposable version.
More often these days, it's some kind of phone.
After all, the smartphone is the new camera.
It's the new everything for that matter.

The point is that no matter what they hand you
(phone, camera, ham sandwich),
you've gotta be able to gracefully take a picture with it,
making the experience for the passengers as relaxing and perfect as possible.

After all, a good gondolier is "part photographer".

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