Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One Month Warning

For most people, January 14th doesn’t hold much significance
(unless it’s a birthday or anniversary), but for some of us,
the arrival of the 14th means that we have one month to prepare
for one of the biggest days of our year – Valentine’s Day.

Florists, restauranteurs, chocolatiers, jewelers, and of course…gondoliers.

This is the big day, the one time you know the phones will ring.

It’s like Black Friday for retailers, or April 15th for accountants.

It’s not a frantic day, more of a day where that voice in your head says:
“HEY! Better get it together, pal!”

The 14th of January has come and gone,
the 14th of February is fast-approaching.

It’ll be more than just a big day, more likely it’ll be a big week,
and afterwards I’ll see if I can’t take a big vacation (or at least a big nap).

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