Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Red Pupparin "Desona"

photos by Tamás Fehér
Most of you know by now that I'm a fan of the "big desonas" - those exceptionally long, multi-rower, vessels that always show up for big events in Venice.
A more detailed explanation can be found in my post "Benedettina".

I've shared photos and video of some of these impressive boats in the following posts:

"Holy Remo" Part 2 - Querini
18 oars and a lot to be proud of.

Regata Storica - A Basket Full of Forcole
The forcole for a quattordesona - all in one basket.

Regata Storica through the lens of Nereo Zane - 4 "March of the 'Desonas"
A few of these long boats in the spotlight at Regata Storica.

Vogalonga 2011 - Video of 16 desona
Kathleen Gonzalez shot this from the Tre Archi bridge during the 2011 Vogalonga.

My favorite memeber of this unique fleet of boats
is the GSVVM's Mestrina - a 14-post "quattordesona"
Mestrina - 2009 Vogalonga Retrospective

Today we're looking at an impressive ten-oared boat; one which I hadn't seen until I received photos from Tamás, who saw her pass by during the last Vogalonga.

Technically speaking, I'd call her a "diesona", although no two of these big boats are the same, she does have ten oars.  I recognize that there are "desonas" based on the same design that the gondola comes from, and others that appear to be much larger members of the sandolo family. 
This boat has the sandolo characteristics we see in the pupparin.

She has the bow of a sandolo-type boat,

And the stern of a pupparin.

This boat is part of the fleet of the Remiera-Club Ponte dei Sartori.,
their website is 
Here is a link to a page on their site with multiple images of this remarkable boat:

Most of the desonas are a lot beefier than this one.  She appears to be relatively light, and I'll bet she moves fast with a crew of ten.

Bravo to the Remiera-Club Ponte dei Sartori.

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