Thursday, January 5, 2012


Over the years I've visited a number of different gondola operations.
One time, while my wife and I were in Orlando, Florida, we took a cruise with a great gondolier named Timothy Joseph. 
Tim and I have kept in touch over the years, and recently he's launched his own blog with a great plan and purpose.
The blog is called "Daily Food Holiday - 366 National Days of Food", and it chronicles the different "National Day of ___" foods. 
Did you know that each day of the year has at least one food or drink that it is the "National Day" of?
For instance, yesterday - January 4th - was "National Spaghetti Day".
I celebrated, did you?
Well, Tim celebrated too, and he blogged about it in this post.
Read it, enjoy it, leave your favorite spaghetti recipe in a comment.
As it is only the first week in January, Tim has just begun his 366 day project (it's leap year, you know). So we have a whole year of posts to look forward to.
I can't wait.


Bonnie J. said...
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Lavonne J. said...

Thank you for this awesome encouragement, Greg! So far the blog is proving to be so much fun to write, and we're learning a lot as we experience each new food daily! Thanks so much for the support, looking forward to highlighting your post about Hot Tea Month later in January. :)

-Tim's wife