Friday, January 13, 2012

Minivans Don't Float

This morning, the folks in Newport Harbor learned a few valuable lesons:
1. If you drive your Mercedes Benz onto the small car ferry, put it in park,
and leave it in park.
2. If for some reason you don't observe lesson number one, be aware that your vehicle does indeed possess enough power to shove another vehicle right off the end of the car ferry and into the water.
3. If you happen to be sitting at the front of the car ferry in, say, a minivan,
you might consider carrying life jackets because...
4. well, see lesson number two, and watch your rear-view mirror.
5. Minivans don't float (at least not for very long).
6. Welcoming people from out of town to Newport by forcing spontaneous baptism upon them is, well, not very welcoming
(even if you do it with an impressive black Mercedes).
7. If you happen to be hanging around an area where a minivan has been shoved into fifteen feet of water, get your butt in the water to help.
8. You don't have to know someone to save lives with them.

Here's the story as told by the Orange County Register:

As far as I know, no gondoliers were involved, but as I read the story and watched the video, I knew exactly what I would have done to help.

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