Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three Gondolas in Three Days - DONE!

Well, it wasn't easy,
and to be honest, I wasn't sure we could do it,
but with a little determination and a few spaz-attacks, we accomplished our goal.
I couldn't be happier.

Here are a few images from the day:
The bow of gondola number two as the sun illuminated the sky but hadn't yet risen.

Stars and Stripes wave with the moon on high.

Gondola number three after all the work was done, and just before launch.

All three gondolas in the water with their fresh paint, hosting a three boat flotilla with four passengers on each gondola.
After I finished painting the third gondola, I showered, drove two cruises, had dinner, napped, and drove an 11:45 proposal cruise.
Exhausted doesn't begin to describe how I feel.
But I'm quite satisfied with all that we've done.
Buono notte my friends.
Thanks for reading.


René Seindal said...

Hi Greg,

Are these the electric gondolas you have? They have different lines and strange box at the end where the gondoliere should stand.

René Seindal
Venice Kayak

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! A remarkable deed.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Buona notte to you my friend.

Gondola Greg said...

Hi René, yes, these gondolas are different. As different from the original as possible, but they serve us well in a place like the Nevada desert. I'll do a post on them in the future.

Thanks for the congrats Bepi.
I know YOU appreciate all that goes into painting a gondola.

Nereo, I've had fun taking photos out here, but the whole time I've been thinking to myself:
"Man! Nereo would take even better images out here!"