Saturday, November 1, 2008

Newport Sunset in November

I shot this tonight from my gondola.
I've been running gondolas in Newport since 1993, and I'd definitely rank this sunset in my top three.

I had just finished a photo shoot with a bride and groom at the Balboa Bay Club, and was securing the boat and preparing to help the couple out.

Just then I noticed that a rather unremarkable sunset had given way to this surreal, fiery combination of colors.

I shouted to the professional wedding photographers, who were walking away, oblivious of what the sky was doing at that moment. Next, I practically dragged the couple out of the gondola so the photographers could catch what will most certainly end up in their album.

While the pros were shooting the couple, I reached for my own camera and shot the above photo. I should clarify that the photo included in this post was not auto-corrected or messed with in any way other than the necessary resizing.

In about four minutes, the show was over and things in the sky went back to normal.

I wish there had been a gondola in the shot, but I'm happy with what I got.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, nothing else to say Greg