Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Beautiful Day in Lake Las Vegas

With three boats painted and a night full of cruises, I enjoyed sleeping in till 11am this morning. I think I could have slept a lot longer if I wasn't so hungry.

I made a point to take it easy today, working on some of the "little things" that still needed to be taken care of, like rolling on non-skid, fixing the rope-lights, and just cleaning up after myself.

Here are some shots from the day:
The gondola known as "Tan" for her seat color, rests at dock.

"Green" in the foreground, and "Red" in the background, glimmer in the sun with new paint and boot striping.

The gondola known as "Red" sits at dock. All three gondolas have fancy names, (this one is "La Fenice"), but most of the gondoliers just use the seat color designations.

Orange and yellow hues blend together, forming another gorgeous Nevada sunset.

The view from on board after sunset.
After it got too dark to continue, I treated myself to the Guinness I'd been savoring for days.
Eric Johnson - former gondolier and owner, has done well for himself in the Irish pub business, he's got a bunch of them and I make it a point to drop into his Auld Dubliner in Lake Las Vegas every time I'm in town.
Maybe someone out there pours a better pint of stout, but I have yet to find one better than Auld Dubliner.
After such a demanding week, the simple act of sitting, drinking stout, eating fish & chips, and watching the Cowboys beat the Redskins, was almost zen-like.

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