Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Problem with Bugs is...

Well, there are many problems with bugs.

Some of them feel entitled to "our food".
Others feel the need to bite or sting us.

Still others like to eat our little tiny bite at a time.

And then there are the ones who have a mysterious need to "add texture" to my paint.

One evening, just after Sarah and I had finished painting one of the gondolas at Lake Las Vegas, we noticed a big swarm of tiny bugs swirling around near the boat.

Next morning, they weren't swarming anymore...because they were all stuck in my paint!

They gave their lives to add texture to my paint.

"No problem" I said, "we'll just brush them off" leaving little tiny legs in the paint.
This prompted a lively discussion about whether the presence of bug legs might affect the paint's adhesion down the road.
I guess we'll find out later.

I once heard a joke:

Q. "How can you tell a happy motorcyclist?"

A. "He's got bugs in his teeth."

So now we have the updated version:

Q. "How can you tell that Greg painted his gondola at sundown?"

A. "He's got
pulp in his paint!"

One unique aspect of painting in the desert is that you can lay paint as night falls, and as long as it doesn't get too cold, the paint will cure.

There are NO humidity issues in the Nevada desert my friends.

I've got a bloody nose to prove it.

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