Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Boat Done, Two to Go.

The goal today was to get the first gondola painted and ready to launch by the end of the day.

We accomplished our goal, although if we were in an area that had any humidity to speak of, I'd be showing up tomorrow to milky flat paint.

Sarah Longson and I finished just in time to clean up as it was getting dark.
Once the tools were packed, I grabbed my camera, tripod, remote trigger, and the all-important thermos full of coffee, and took a bunch of photos.
Most of them were so-so, but I'm happy with the two posted here.

The sun sets in the west behind a freshly painted Lake Las Vegas gondola.

The lighted homes reflect on the lake with a painted sky overhead. The tail of the gondola has a unique metal cap decorated with a seahorse.
Tomorrow we launch, haul another boat, and try to make it happen again in a day.
Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Great shots, Greg. Great shots indeed. I would love to be there.