Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spinning with Tim and Dawn

Tim and Dawn Reinard, my daughter Cassandra, and I took some experimental photos tonight on board my gondola "The Phoenix" in Newport Harbor.

Romantic guy that he is, Tim had just returned from a sojourn on the gondola, which had been a surprise for Dawn. Cassandra and I met them as they were pulling in.

I mounted the camera on a low tripod,
set it up for long exposures,
and activated a remote trigger.

Then, I rowed us out,
told Tim and Dawn to hold still,
and spun the boat.

Cassandra illuminated Tim and Dawn with a small flashlight,
and I pushed the trigger button.

As usual, I took a truckload of photos, and most were substandard, but I like the three below.

I thought everything would be perfect with this one, but hadn't taken into account, the tip of the boat due to her asymmetry. The horizon ended up at an angle.

Cassandra did something different with the lighting on this one. I think maybe "silhouette" is a good look for me.
I'm trying to figure out how we managed to acquire a curved horizon.

This one is my favorite.
We got all the elements right.

Big thanks to Tim and Dawn for serving as my Guinea Pigs on this one.
It was a lot of fun.

And of course, I'm already thinking about doing this again. Maybe at Tim's place - Sunset Gondola.


DG Beat said...

Great idea. I liked the middle one. Will you try it again while the Christmas lights are shining bright?

Gondola Greg said...

I'm thinking a lot about how to do this again with Christmas lights.
I'm also thinking about trying to mount the camera to the back of the ferro so I can get more gondola in the shot.
I don't think a Gorillapod would work.
Maybe duct tape is the answer.