Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Oxnard Haul

photos by Mark Schooling

Boats are made to float.
They're made for the water, and they live in the water.
But now and then you've got to pull your precious baby 
out of the water and give her some TLC.

Mark Schooling at Gondola Paradiso set aside a few days recently to do just that with his batela "Maria".

Tim Reinard of Sunset Gondola has a wise phrase:
"The most dangerous place for a boat is out of the water".

Mark made sure Maria was secure for all the work,
and when it was time, the boatyard staff got her back into the water.

I like to call what you see in the above photo: 
"the most nervous moment in a boat owner's life".
(For more reading about hoisting and nervous moments, 

Back in his stripes, and back on the boat, Mark was a happy gondolier.

The tide was high, which meant he would have to take the long way home, but he didn't mind so much.  
It felt great to have the work done and the batela back in the water.

Home again, home again.

Final thoughts from Mark:
"No paint on my shoes after two and a half day's In the yard... guess my art degree paid off."

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