Thursday, May 3, 2018

Minnesota Repairs

Spring is in the air once again,
even in Minnesota.
John at Gondola Romantica wasn't sure it would come at all this year.
He told me they got eight inches of snow on a day when he usually has his boats uncovered and prepared for launch.

To make things more challenging, he discovered some soft areas on one of the gondolas, and he knew it couldn't be left until the end of the season.

That beautiful shot above is after the repair.
Here's a shot during the project.

The spot is towards the bow along the starboard side of the passenger area.

I told him he should put plexiglass there, 
and start marketing "glass-bottom boat tours"
but he was smarter than that, and didn't follow my direction.

The work is all done now, and soon the freshly repaired gondola will launch for what we all hope will be a great season in Stillwater, Minnesota.

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