Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Capitano Nereo

This past weekend saw the 44th annual Vogalonga in Venezia.

All of the "usual suspects" were there again:
dragon boats, kayaks, English-style crew boats,
all piloted by folks from places around the globe.

And of course, there were lots of Venetian boats 
(the ones that started it all back in 1974).
For the 33rd year in a row, our friends at Gondola Getaway were there.
Boats from all the rowing clubs were on the water for that grand tour of the lagoon.
And on the back of one of those boats...
was my dear friend Nereo Zane - taking his first turn as popier in that annual rally of a row.

It even made the newspaper!
Here's a look at the spread in the paper Nuova Venezia:

Nereo even ended up in the online gallery of Il Gazzettino.

Captaining a six-oar caorlina requires a lot of a rower - in strength, 
timing, and thinking ahead.
It's even more demanding on a 30 kilometer course, 
shared with a multitude of other boats.

Bravo Nereo!

Here's a Getty Image of the full shot:

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staff said...

Hi Greg, thank you so much for the great post from my crew and me. It was tiring, hard but we all are really satisfied.