Sunday, March 12, 2017

SUP...Across the Atlantic!

I'm not a stand-up-paddler.
I think it's really cool, and I'm sure I'd love it if I had the time,
but I've always been too busy rowing my gondola.

Over the years, I have become a real fan of the guys
who compete and pull off great expeditions on these things,
and in this style of propulsion - guys like Bart De Zwart and Will Schmidt.

Now I've got another SUP guy to give a big thumbs-up to:
Chris Bertish from South Africa.

The dude just successfully paddled
from Morocco all the way across the Atlantic to Antigua!

Special thanks to my friend and fellow gondolier Mike Bixler for bringing this to my attention.
I could pirate the article, but why do that when Adam Clark Estes of Gizmodo summed it up so well, in his piece, suitably titled:
"This Maniac Just Crossed the Atlantic on a Goddamn Paddleboard"

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