Friday, March 31, 2017

A Miracle In Providence

I know, it's a catchy title.
Realistically I should have gone with
"Another Miracle In Providence"
because this is not the first time they've done such a thing at La Gondola.

Most people these days have a very short attention span.
In fact you're probably already saying
"Get to it Greg! What the heck is this about?"

Alright, alright.
Just, just take it easy, man.

Today's post is about a remarkable gondola restoration underway in Providence, Rhode Island.
And as interesting as that might be,
it's even more fantastic to watch it in the time-lapse format that they've chosen.

This is not the link.  I'm just teasing you with a cool screen-grab image.

If you're able to, you should get yourself to a larger screen to watch it.
You just can't appreciate it on your little smartphone.
Also, get something to snack on, cut out all distractions,
and watch the whole thing.

Just trust me on this.

It's a rare view into the shop of some true professionals,
who will likely surprise you with just how far they break things down in the process of restoring this Tramontin gondola.

There are lots of shortcuts and easy-to-do quick fixes.
You won't see any of those here.

Now click the link, bring it to full screen,
and watch the first phase of restoration - the first stage of this Miracle in Providence.

If you need to, go directly to it on YouTube at

That was about four months worth of work, boiled down and sped up, so you and I could watch it in twelve and a half minutes.

And this was just the first phase.
I can't wait to see what comes next.

Big compliments go out to David "Davide" Redero,
and William "Alberto" Oberg.

When the work is all done, and she's ready to launch,
I know that she will make a great addition
to the fleet of La Gondola in Providence, Rhode Island.

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