Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Matte Black Batela

photo and video by Nereo Zane
There always seems to be something interesting going on
in the shop at the GSVVM rowing club.
Maestro Marcuzzi is a remarkable boatbuilder,
and a true asset to the club.
Nereo Zane sent me the above photo with the text:
Here is a shot of the new "batea a coa de gambaro"
taken today, almost ready to be launched.
Built by Maestro Luigino Marcuzzi.

Later, Nereo sent me this nice little walk-around of the new boat.

Most of the GSVVM boats are orange with blue trim and/or rails.
Some also have varnished wood in certain places.

But the batelas that Luigino has been building lately have been finished in a very cool matte black.

Next time I'm in the Veneto, I look forward to rowing this beauty.
She should have her official launch soon.

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