Monday, March 13, 2017

Engaging Photos

photos by David and Drexelle Park

Without a doubt, a gondola is the very best place to propose.
Just ask any of the folks who regularly read this blog.
Unfortunately it doesn't get photographed as often as it should.

Every time someone gets a good image of a couple
getting engaged on a gondola - I smile.
And every time one gets posted on social media - well,
I just about break into song.

The folks at D Park Photography have definitely got me singing today.
Here are two that they sent me as a "sneak peek".

The gondolier was Kyle Wolting,
rowing the Gondola Company of Newport's boat with blue floorboards,
known simply as "Blue".
Parker Harrison recently gave her rails a fresh varnishing.
It's nice to see them glowing in the light of the sun
(almost as much as the lady with the fresh engagement ring is glowing).
Like gondolas in several other US locations, these gondolas were built in the early 90's by Jim Oberst at Hill's Marine in Seal Beach, California.
They've hosted hundreds of thousands of happy couples,
many of them getting engaged.
It comes as no surprise to me, that the photographers who did such a great job capturing the moments in these photos...are actually a husband and wife team as well.
Many thanks to David and Drexelle at
Thanks also to Sean Jamieson at The Gondola Company for providing information regarding Hill's Marine.

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