Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tim and John Take Off

On a calm, crisp Saturday morning in Minnesota,
two guys from different servizios teamed up on a whim,
and threw their best effort at the Tandem Sprint course.


With Tim "Bepi" Reinard of Sunset Gondola on the back of the boat,
and John Kerschbaum of Gondola Romantica in Minnesota in front,
they were the oldest duo to take to the water in tandem.
Many of their competitors were half their age, in fact.

And yet with the wisdom of experience,
superior technique,
and a little "old guys rule" resolve,
Tim and John rowed like the masters they are,
and grabbed the bronze medal
(finishing only a second and a half behind silver, in fact).

Three cheers for Tim and John!
Bronze medalists in the Tandem Sprint.

Experience counts.

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