Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tacos for a Flip

The text went out late last night:
"I need to flip a boat".
I told all my gondoliers that I needed some help getting a boat upside down, and was willing to make it worth their while...with tacos!
This morning, six of us picked up the pupparin known as Contessa,
placed her on the ground,
flipped her over, and perched her on the trailer.
It took us just over fifteen minutes from the time we touched the boat,
to the time we walked away to get tacos - partly because one guy was on a tight schedule (and also because some of us were hungry)
Safely placed on the trailer.

Ruben doing, well, I don't know what.
Success!  From left to right:
Me, Simon Atkins, Konnor Boivin, Mike Ruffino, Parker Harrison, Ruben J.

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