Friday, October 28, 2016

Two Crazy Surfers

Jakob and Hunter.
Two tall, fit, fun-loving gondoliers.

Both are beach-city transplants:
Jakob was born in Maine and grew up there and in Homer, Alaska.
Each summer he leaves Southern California 
to spend a few months working on fishing boats in Alaska.

Hunter is originally from Bakersfield, 
owns his own steam-cleaning business "Mr. Steam".
He rowed crew, and plays several instruments 
(including of all things...the harp).

They are roommates who share a love of surfing,
and, lucky for me, they both also work as gondoliers at my servizio in Newport Beach.

And while they are two of the nicest guys I've ever known,
I would hate to have to compete against these two.
They won gold in the Tandem Sprint and Tandem Obstacle Course events last weekend at the US Gondola Nationals.
Additionally they brought home medals in other races.

And yet, if you want to see who these two really are,
Well, just take a look at the above photo.

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