Sunday, October 16, 2016

Night Train

At the threshold of midnight,
on the waters of Newport,
I witnessed the power of Jakob Easton.

We'd just finished an hour of tandem training - getting ready for the
Distance Tandem event.

Jakob had already put in a full night of rowing with passengers,
then we made our rounds in tandem, and I said
"so, do you wanna take her for a spin and do some sprint training?"

I know Jakob is fast and powerful.
He took the bronze last year with little to no preparation.
But sitting on the trasto of the Phoenix,
and watching him go to town with the oar,
well, it was humbling, and a little scary.

He kept transmitting more and more power through that oar.
In short order the gondola was plowing through the water
like a navy destroyer
(and secretly inside, I decided that I wouldn't be competing this year in the solo sprint event).

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