Monday, October 24, 2016

High Speed Reflection

The 2016 US Gondola Nationals is officially "in the books".
We had an amazing time in Stillwater, Minnesota - experiencing remarkable hospitality from the folks in that picturesque and historic city.
John Kerschbaum of Gondola Romantica did a superb job of planning and executing the event.

I had hoped to post things here as they happened, 
but there simply wasn't enough time in a day.
Now that I've taken off my stripes and can settle in to rest and recover,
it's time to begin sharing with the rest of the world, 
bits and pieces of this thing we call "Nationals".

Here we see the team of Parker Harrison and Michael Angelo Ruffino 
of the Gondola Company of Newport, as they near the end of their run 
in the Tandem Distance event.
The bridge they are about to go under is Stillwater's famous 
and historic lift bridge.

At the end of this event, Parker and Mike had the winning time,
and won the gold medal in that event.

Notice that in the photo you can see a reflection of the gondola and rowers in the smooth water of the St. Croix River.

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