Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Group Shot

photo by Elisa Mohr

Above we see the group shot of gondoliers at the end 
of the 2016 US Gondola Nationals.

A few were unavailable for the shot.
I believe Mark Schooling was cheese shopping in Wisconsin.
But I digress.

There we were, all happy and tired from all the rowing.
Someone said "Hey, we need to take a group photo!"
I told some of the guys to remove their jackets to show their stripes.
Some listened, some didn't.

I set up the tripod, asked my wife to take the photo, 
and we all did our best to look respectable.

The end result was a great photo.

And then,
    Someone yelled "Now it's time for a crazy shot!"
        and the madness ensued.  
    It seems to come naturally for some people, and we are those people.

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