Saturday, January 23, 2016

Around the Tiny Island in Russia

photo by Ludmila Efimova

While many parts of the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the full effects of winter, and some folks are turning their thoughts and longings towards warmer seasons, here are a few great photo captures of the gondola in St. Petersburg, Russia.

She operates on a small lake on the grounds of Catherine's Palace - the summer residence of the royal family prior to the revolution.
This location receives a multitude of tourists - both foreign and domestic, and it is a favorite place for residents of the city.

The lake has one gondola, which is lovingly maintained, and launched each spring for cruises that range from casual picnic dates, to family excursions, to honeymoon escapes.

photo by Ludmila Efimova

The lake has a few islands of historical note, but in this post, I'd like to point out a tiny little piece of land, with a handful of trees, and a few ducks who seem to like it quite a bit.

It looks like the gondola there loops around this tiny island and sometimes moors adjacent to it as well.

photo by Svetlana Polyakova

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