Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tiny but Mighty...and BITEY!

Watching the Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade,
you begin to notice the variety of different boats that pass by.

Some are bigger than others.
Some are louder than others.
Some are brighter than others.

Quite often, the most impressive entries are all three:
bigger, louder, and brighter,
but there are a few exceptions.

One of my favorites each year is what we call the "Shark Boat".
This one's tiny, but mighty.

It's a small Zodiac-style inflatable with an outboard motor.
The pilot generally flanks a larger well-decorated yacht.
Pound-for pound, this boat may have more lights per square foot
than any other boat in the procession.

Ah, but it's the design that I'm a fan of:
it's a shark, wearing a Santa hat, and the lower jaw of the mouth
has a chomping motion as the boat bounces by.

Here's a video clip from tonight:

I've never actually seen the "Shark Boat" affect a bite on another boat.
I'm not even sure if it can bite, but then I'm not about to get close enough to find out.

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