Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Boston Beauties

After the US Gondola Nationals in 2014, my wife and I drove up to Boston
and visited with Joe Gibbons. 
He showed us around, pointed out all the interesting places,
brought us in to see his boats, and made us feel welcome and at-home.

For having just been hauled out after a busy summer,
the Boston gondolas were in great shape.
A few days later the gondolas were moved into an enclosure for winter.

At the end of our visit, we stopped in the Little Italy neighborhood,
had some phenomenal pizza, enjoyed a pitcher of Narragansett,
and shared lots of stories and memories.

The gondoliers in Boston have an enviable location and an exemplary operation. The fleet is well-kept and of manageable size.

Many thanks to Joe for his hospitality,
and for showing his beautiful boats to us.

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