Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Earth is Not Flat

photo by Cassandra Mohr

There was a time when folks believed that the earth was flat.
While this might seem absurd now, it was a commonly held belief.

The concept of a flat earth is a fun one to throw into a debating circle.
Once I argued the "flat side" in a speech class - and I won,
although I'm pretty sure it was because my opponent didn't think there was
any possible way to argue that the earth was flat.

For the record, I do believe that we live on a spherical object,
although there are some fascinating ways to argue that it's flat.

I recently picked up an entry-level fisheye lens for my Nikon.
In honor of our earth and it's roundness,
I offer this view of our beloved planet from the back of a gondola.

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