Friday, April 18, 2014

Gondolas Welcome Baby

photos by Joey Hamamoto

My longest running gondolier, and very dear friend, Joey Hamamoto
got a unique view of the harbor today - a view that can only be had
from a window in the Maternity Ward of Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

Eighteen years ago, a young smiling gondolier, who was known
to occasionally tap-dance on the back of the boat, joined our ranks. 
He was 19 at the time. 
Now he's married, and until about 3:30 this afternoon,
he had two sons to hold and play with. 

As of this afternoon he has three sons.

I sent word to the gondoliers to cruise by Hoag and wave in his direction.

I've enjoyed a little remeniscing today about Joey as we kept in touch
about the baby. 

I'd just finished the above text about Joey's unique habit of dancing,
when Joey sent me a message informing me that the baby was happy,
healthy, and then finished with:
"and I danced him to sleep as we saw the gondolas go by."

So on behalf of all the gondoliers,
I would like to welcome Isaiah Kanoa Hamamoto to the world,
and express a big congratulations to Joey and Brenda, proud parents
(who happen to have an amazing view right about now).

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