Friday, April 18, 2014

Joe Gibbons is Amazing

When he's not rowing or working on one of his gondolas in Boston, Joe Gibbons likes to be on his snomobile. 

Of course Joe knows that it's not all about the ride - the ride wouldn't be possible without the prep.  If you know Joe like I do, then you know that he's not afraid of hard work,
if anything, hard work is afraid of him.

The folks in the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts realized this and honored him with a well-deserved award.

Here's a link to the page.
Joe Gibbons - SAM Trail Worker of the Year

Funny little coincidences...first of all, Joe showed up for the cookout in his striped shirt.
Also, take a look at the background of the photo where Joe is holding the award...yep, Venezia.
Two of Joe's most favorite things: Snowmobiles and gondolas.

Congrats Joe!
Nice to see you getting some recognition.
The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts is luck to have you.
I look forward to seeing gondola photos soon.