Friday, December 27, 2013


My dear friend Joe Gibbons of Boston sent this in recently.
This is a photo of my father in law, Pellegrino Ragosa.
Those that were close to him called him Bill.
Unfortunately Bill passed away earlier this month.
We miss him terribly. Bill played accordion for 7 years aboard our gondolas here in Boston. He entertained with his old fashioned style of playing the standards from the past. Our guests really enjoyed Bill and often request him. Bill was from Avallino, Italy and was often seen sitting on our gondola bench telling story's to the young gondoliers. Bill played the accordion as a teenager back in the late 1940s and early 1950s. For 43 years his old accordion sat idle until his daughter, Camille and I convinced him once again to bring it to life and to share his talent!. We all have great memories of him and the gondola culture will not be the same here in Boston without him. We salute you Pellegrino R.I.P.
Bill was lovingly laid to rest on December 13, 2013

Someone once said that "a team is nothing without it's players",
and nothing could be more accurate in the gondola business.
Pellegrino and his instrument had a positive impact on countless cruises;
he was a true blessing, he will be missed, but he'll never be forgotten.

The Boston gondola operation has been long been known for their live musicians, many of whom were mentioned in the post "Live Music in Boston", including Pellegrino.

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