Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gator in the Bay

These images come from my friend Martha Lenoir-Beachem
who operates Las Olas Gondola in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
It seems that Southern California isn't the only place with Christmas
boat parades.
Here's Martha standing next to one heck of a creative piece.
I've seen a lot of clever and impressive things float by in boat parades,
but this may just have them all beat.
Not only does it have a huge alligator mouth,
but there's a crane inside which opens and closes those gaping jaws.

And of course they lit up the teeth.  Who wouldn't?

The whole thing is a creation of a guy named Lloyd Goradesky - artist and photographer, with a heart for the Everglades and all those critters who live in it.

You can learn more about Lloyd's "Gator in the Bay" on his website:

If Martha's smart, she'll stay out of the way of that thing on the water,
I hear that it it has a taste for gondolas.


Unknown said...

Notice I was standing by it when the mouth was closed !! It was beautiful to see that 104' gator going by !!

LloydSite said...

Thank you for promoting the Gator in the Bay - the world's largest alligator - raising awareness to protect the Florida Everglades - (the artist)