Friday, July 19, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you...the Leopard!

Back in late May I was involved with a photo shoot, providing a gondola for a session in a picturesque Malibu estate.  The client was a high-end men's footwear designer with a flare for bold images.

They stayed true to that approach.

Leopard in the corner, the striped poles are mine.
The hat is a genuine one from Giuliana Longo.

I wrote about this in my post "Something New Under the Sun"
There was a smoke machine, and they did indeed bring in a live leopard - that's her on the chair looking out the window in the above photo.

The main shot we were brought in for involved more than just poles and a hat.
They had us push the first ten feet of the boat into another room (as far as she would fit) and then got to work with all of their creative techniques.

The end result was quite a remarkable image:

No pigeons (or umbrella men) were harmed during the shoot.

I stood in the corner and watched much of this unfold.
The photographer was one of the best I've ever seen in action.
This and other great images can be seen now on the main Louis Leeman website

After the shoot, my gondolier Konnor and I were looking over the boat and I noticed that we had leopard hairs and big paw prints all over the deck. 
Konnor said "You know you can't ever wash that off now"
It was hard, but I finally broke down and did so.

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