Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting an Early Start

photos by Fred Craven
I'm not sure why, but the powers that be in Irving, Texas decided to
get an early start this evening on the whole business of shooting things
into the sky that go "boom".

Our whole fleet was out, each with passengers enjoying the display.
Some of the guys got a little closer than others.
The photos in this post are of Chris Harrison, who knows just how to find the best views of such things.
Tomorrow night it'll be my turn, but in Newport I'll have thousands of other boats to contend with.

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staff said...

photos by Fred Craven or Chris Harrison? On saturday night lot of traditional boats will be out in Canal Grande (Venice) to attend the performances of singers and musicians. This event, so called "fresco", is organized by VIVA VOGA VENETA. More details and leaflet on their website.