Tuesday, April 21, 2009


photos by Sean AntonioliOne of the favorite stops for locals in Venice is the fish market.
Take a row on a Saturday with members of a rowing club, and they may decide to stop here and do a little shopping.

The connection between Venetians and the sea is immeasurable.
The survival and successes of La Serenissima can all be credited to or in some way connected with the sea. Not surprisingly, they love seafood and the menus of nearly every restaurant can attest to that fact.
It's not just fish either, dozens of different shellfish, squid, octopus, and crustaceans are all available for purchase at the Pescheria - all fresh and ready to haggle and bargain over.

I've heard that the goods begin to arrive before the sun rises, and that they are delivered by brightly colored boats, but thus far I've been too preoccupied with sleep at that hour.

In our upcoming Vogalonga trip, some of the team members are planning to shop at the Pescheria to keep costs down while living like true Venetians.

I wonder if they'll be brave enough to try the octopus.


René Seindal said...

The octopus is good.

When will you be coming to Venice? It'll be fun to meet.

René in Venice.

Gondola Greg said...

Hi René.
We'll be in Venice in late May through early June.
It will be great to see you!

René Seindal said...

Hi Greg,

Have look here:


You'll find an abandoned sandolo and a gondola on Sant'Erasmo, and a Batea buranea we spotted on Burano. Not many of them around any more.