Saturday, April 4, 2009

Old Postcard from Venice, Italy

This one dates way back. I'm not sure how old it is, but the image appears to be a complete artist rendering - not based on a photo. The gondola has a felze di tela canopy, and the gondolier wears all white. Based on those two things, we can assume that the image was inspired by, or is meant to represent Venice in the summer. Some other Venetian boat designs can be seen moored along the fondamena.


Anonymous said...

> I'm not sure how old it is <

In the background there is the old iron Scalzi bridge built during the austrian rule era, so its between 1854 and 1934 - probably 19th century for lack of powerboats.

There is a singular street lamp in the right hand side of the image, which is gas-powered, so it must be pre-1922 (the date of electrification).

The moored gondola in the foreground could give an age clue with regards to its amount of assymetricity. The felze gondola in the middle has a five-fingered ferro, does that suggest a definite period?

Gondola Greg said...

Excellent insight!
Who wrote this?
I was quite impressed with your observations.
I had assumed it was at least 80-100 years old simply because of the boats in the shot and the fact that many are parallel to the shore rather than perpendicular.
I haven't yet discovered the exact time frame on five-fingered-ferri, and I would guess that there isn't one. Chances are that one or two still hang from boats somewhere.

Nereo said...

Hi all,
have a look at this link

Nereo Zane said...

It seems that I've posted a wrong address, sorry.
This should be the right one:
Just click on english and then on Venice (map on the left)