Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Recent Obsession Crosses the Desert

I have closure, my friends.
Big time closure.

The gondola I've spent so much time and attention on left this morning for Lake Las Vegas.

I followed along for a while to make sure everything was sitting right on the trailer.

Here's a shot I took over the dashboard around Victorville:

She was launched this afternoon, and now docks in front of the Loews hotel under the diligent care of my expert staff there.

Now I can get back to my life, which really means that I can play catch-up in all the areas I've been neglecting.

Soon the boat will receive her christening and take her first passengers.

Next, I think I'll clean up my garage from all the tools and materials it took to get this "closure".


grigory-never-get-there said...

I have to say, if gondola-making had evolved over time the way that cars have, your's would be the equivalent of a modern day Ferrari. Too pretty for words. You must be one proud papa.

Gondola Greg said...

You guys are too kind.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
I just hope the passengers enjoy riding in the boat half as much as I did putting her together.