Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sea Trial

photos by Steve ElkinsToday was the big day - after weeks of hard work, "hull #5" had her sea trial.
Here are a dozen photos from the adventure.

If you checked into the Gondola Blog today to see a post on traditional Venice-built gondolas, you'll likely be disappointed. If you were hoping to see something original - you came to the right place.

She's 36 feet long, can take up to twelve passengers, and has a remarkably powerful electric motor, which comes in handy on windy days on Lake Las Vegas.
It also does killer brodies!

Zips right along, and puts a smile on my face.

Like every other aspect of the boat, we took a fairly creative approach.
I call this the "Kahuna Ferro" design.

By the time you read this, the boat will probably be halfway to Vegas.
I hope she enjoys her new home.

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