Monday, November 26, 2007

VENICE TRAVEL TIPS – Morning at Orseolo

We all give suggestions to friends who are going to Venice. Great places to see gondolas, gondolier friends they should visit with or just ways to experience the “true Venice” are among mine. This first travel tip is entitled “Morning at Orseolo”. I’ll post a few more in the future. If you have some you’d like me to post, please e-mail me.

Morning at Orseolo

Supplies needed:

pastry and cup of coffee or cappuccino
Warm coat
Easygoing patience


Bacino Orseolo (Orseolo Basin) located behind the Northwest corner of Piazza San Marco


Bacino Orseolo has the nickname “The Gondola Garage”. Each night a fleet of gondolas, easily 30 or 40, can be found tied up in the basin. Gondoliers tie their boats together creating an amazing sight; they can be seen stepping from boat to boat to boat in order to get to or from their gondolas.

What to do:

Go in the morning. The earlier you go, the more gondolas you’re likely to see. Plant yourself on some steps with a good view of the basin. Watch the gondoliers unwrap, prep, and row out on their gondolas. The rowing alone is an incredible thing to watch – gondolas are over 36 feet long and challenging to maneuver in such tight quarters. Sip your coffee, watch the spectacle, and wait for that perfect photo – you know the one: that “I’m gonna sell this baby to National Geographic” photo. Morning at Orseolo is one of those rare places and times where you really could take such a photo.

Attached are some shots I took with my “snappy” camera. Next time I’m bringing a better camera and then I’ll call National Geographic – that is, if one of you doesn’t beat me to it.

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wonderful reading and I wish you had prints for sale. I just came back from Venice and I wish I had known to read your page first.