Friday, November 2, 2007


This photo was taken at the end of Day 3 in the Marlboro Yacht Club.
On the left you have the hands of Chris Harrison – he’s six feet, five inches tall, with big hands. On the right is Bepi Suste– a man who almost defies description, really. He’s one of the most fun-loving, capable guys I’ve met. He enjoys life and goes full throttle like it’s the only way to do things. He’s one of the strongest rowers I’ve ever shared a boat with. He’s only five and a half feet tall, but Bepi has monstrous hands – the kind that would strike fear in your heart if they started reaching in your direction.
Any interaction with Bepi is memorable, but shaking hands with him can be humbling. Rowing with him, and Enzo and Vittorio, was truly an honor.

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