Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Phoenix is officially back in the water, and, I dare say, I think she’s happy.
Yes folks, I believe my gondola is happy.
She got a complete makeover, took a nice long vacation where she got to tour the Hudson River and be rowed by gondoliers from interesting places. After the rowing, she was in a parade down 5th Avenue, and all the time, wearing cool decals and paying tribute to the fallen heroes of 9-11. Everywhere she went she was the center of attention and received great care from doding Venetian and American gondoliers.
I re-launched her tonight and rowed her back to the home dock in Newport Beach. It was a beautiful night. The harbor was quiet with an overcast sky that almost made me feel like I was rowing indoors.
The Phoenix cut through the water so well that at times I forgot I was the one doing the rowing. When I decided to really “step on the gas”, it was downright fun. The other day I had a conversation with John Kerschbaum and he told me his stroke had improved quite a bit from the time spent rowing on the expedition. I’ve experienced the same thing and can’t wait to row in a group again.
So she’s back in the water, she doesn’t leak (that’s always a plus), and she’s ready to take passengers again.

photo by Cindy Meadors

Happy passengers, happy owner, happy gondola.

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