Monday, September 3, 2007

Vittorio Orio rows to Rome

Today, September 3rd, 2007, Vittorio Orio, the heart and inspiration of our Hudson River expedition is setting out on his second row of the year. In conjunction with the well known Regata Storica, Vittorio has set out for Rome by gondola. He started from the Arsenale of Venice and will row along the Adriatic Sea to Ancona and then along the Tiber until he reaches Rome. This history-making voyage has been made possible by the generous contribution of the president of Fenacom. In addition, George Affabri, master craftsman/artist of Murano glass has created a “capitello” (a sort of shrine) which will be presented by Vittorio to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
Shortly after this expedition, Vittorio will leave for the U.S. and our expedition down the Hudson.

George Affabri's "capitello"

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