Monday, September 3, 2007

Big thanks to Scott Keller

Early in my research, I found out that a bunch of kayakers paddle down the Hudson River each year and I knew that if anyone would have good advice for us, it would be those guys. After some research, I found the Hudson River Valley Greenway, a state agency charged with developing and preserving the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail and the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area. In short, their job is to keep the Hudson beautiful and healthy, so it’s there and in good condition for future generations. I learned early on that the guy to talk to was Scott Keller – he’s the Trails and Special Projects Coordinator and, among other things, in charge of the annual kayak trip. I found Scott to be incredibly helpful. His knowledge of the river was an extremely informative. He suggested some stops based on our needs and schedule and was able to tell me about each stop -- whether they had docks, campgrounds or launch ramp. It became clear to me that I had found the expert. I gained a new understanding of his commitment to paddling when he told me that he had commuted to work for a year by canoe! I think that if they hadn’t moved his office, he would still be doing it.
This expedition owes a great amount of thanks to the folks at the Hudson Valley Greenway, and especially Scott Keller.

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