Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Update on Vittorio and Enzo's expedition to Rome

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As I write this, Vittorio Orio and Enzo Lizska are rowing south along the coast of the Adriatic on their way to the Vatican and an audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
Their progress has been hampered due to some strong winds and rough seas.
As a result of these difficult conditions, Vittorio and Enzo were forced to halt their expedition for a day, and now they are back on the gondola and rowing hard to make up for the lost time.
They began on September 3rd and rowed to Isola di Albarella – an island just south of the Venetian lagoon in the Po River Delta. It was here that they were forced to wait for a day due to wind and sea conditions.
On the 5th Vittorio and Enzo rowed to Porto Tolle in the middle of the Po River Delta where they encountered more adverse conditions.
On September 6th they made their way from Port Tolle to Goro; this part of the row was in the canal system of the Po River Delta. It was a 22 mile row with no wind or sea conditions to contend with.
On the 7th, with light winds blowing from variable directions, Vittorio and Enzo rowed along the coast to Porto Garibaldi.
On September 8th, Vittorio rowed alone, covering 16 miles in very good wind and sea conditions, docking at Porto Corsini.
By the 9th of September, the gondola arrived in Cervia, received with enthusiasm from the people there.
Vittorio and Enzo are making good progress now and hope to complete their expedition on schedule.
While this is a separate rowing expedition from our Hudson River enterprise, we feel compelled to cover its progress as the men rowing from Venice to Rome are members of our Hudson river team.
Updates to this expedition will be posted as they become available.

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