Saturday, September 15, 2007

Previous Expeditions of Vittorio Orio

If you’ve been reading the Gondola Blog for a while, you can tell that I hold Vittorio Orio in high regard. As gondoliers rank, there are a few guys out there who stand out; most are well-known among their peers, some have been featured in movies, while others have excelled in competitive rowing (like Paolo D’Este and our team member Bepi Suste), and then there’s Vittorio Orio. The guy is a legend - a rowing superstar.
Here is a list of his past rowing expeditions:
1994 from Venice to Trieste - Gondola with 1 oar
1996 from Venice to Ravenna - Gondola with 1 oar
1997 from Cremona to Venice along the Po River - Gondola with 2 oars
1997 from Venice to Portorose (Slovenia) - Gondola with 4 oars
1999 Traverse of the lago di Garda from Riva to Peschiera - Gondola with 1 oar
1999 from Trieste to Venice - Gondola with 8 oars
2000 from Basel (Switzerland) to Amsterdam along the Reno - Gondola with 2 oars
2001 Traverse of the English Channel - Gondola with 2 oars
2003 Traverse of the Strait of Messina - Gondola with 1 oar
2004 from Pola (Croatia) to Venice via Pirano (Slovenia) - Gondola with 2 oars
2007 from Pordenone to Venice along the rivers Noncello and Livenza - Gondola with 1 oar
2007 from Venice to Rome, via sea until Ancona and then along the Tiber (previewed in September 2007) - Gondola with 1 oar
2007 from Albany to New York along the Hudson river (in preparation) - Gondola with 4 oars
Vittorio and Enzo are currently rowing to Rome from Venice. Once that expedition is complete, they will have little time before they meet the rest of our team in New York.
I can’t wait to talk with them and hear all about their last adventure.

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