Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on Vittorio and Enzo's expedition to Rome

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Vittorio Orio and Enzo Lizska left Venice, Italy for Rome and the Vatican on September 3rd. They made their way from the Venetian lagoon, through the Po River Delta and along the coast of the Adriatic. By the 9th they had reached Cervia.
On September 10th Vittorio headed South, the weather conditions and seas were good enough that Vittorio decided not to stop in Cesnatico, and rowed to Rimini.
The stage on the 11th from Rimini to Pesaro was more demanding due to changing conditions of wind and sea. Enzo stepped aboard the gondola and rowed with him for the 17 miles to Rimini.
September 12th brought good weather as Vittorio departed Pesaro. The entire row was 18 miles and conditions remained favorable until right before Senigallia when Enzo helped his friend reach port for the night.
Weather was good on the 13th and Vittorio had no problem reaching Ancona and the halfway point of the voyage.
Having caught up considerably on the lost time earlier in the expedition, Vittorio took a scheduled break and planned to resume rowing on Monday the 17th. Updated information will be posted as it becomes available.
A special thanks goes out to Nereo Zane for contacting Vittorio and Enzo and for providing the above information.I am told that they are greeted at the end of every stage by port and municipal authorities as well as many tourists still there for summer holidays.

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